Safelight UV has patent pending module FAR UVC lighting fixtures and gateways that provide a human safe solution in almost every possible application. At 222 nanometers the only safe FAR UVC wavelength. Safelight UV’s product line can be controlled and integrated into any new or existing smart system.


The Wave222™ downlight and Wave222™ ceiling tile (2x2, 2x4) gives a 50 degree beam angle, which has smart lighting capabilities to control times the FAR - UVC is emitted into the area. The time intervals are set to come on a portion of each hour to deactivate viruses & kill bacteria on persons and objects at a human safe wavelength of 222nm.


Wave222 Gateway™

The Wave222 Gateway™ is the solution to bring a level of comfort to ensure an environment that is virus free such as: office buildings, sporting arenas, subways stations, bus terminals and other areas with a high volume of people.


Safelight UV
Fighting the Invisible Enemy