About Safelight UV

Safelight UV is a lighting manufacturing company that specializes in Far UVC lighting with human interaction. Our lights find the invisible enemy and deactivate the virus, so it is no longer deadly. Unlike bacteria which is living and can be killed, viruses are considered non-living and can be deactivated. The team has over 100 years in experience in lighting manufacturing, Science and Architectural design with a large concentration in UV & Far UVC lighting.

Our full understanding of the deadly viruses and human safety is paramount in our design and implementation into your facility, municipality or real estate portfolio. We are fully confident our patent pending lighting technology is one of the most important parts of the scientific solution to ensure ongoing safety in our daily lives. The technology coupled with good habits like washing hands for 20 seconds or more will lead to a tremendous reduction in losses of life and severe illnesses annually.


Safelight UV
Fighting the Invisible Enemy